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Hi Everyone,

I've been lurking the forums for a bit now and decided to make an account since my pair of M-80s broke and I've seen many capable users here talk about modding their headphones or other various fixes. 


I've had issues with the sound only coming through the right side of my cans, and the left only plays when I bend the cord towards or away from the jack. I tried various cables and experienced the same result, leading me to the conclusion that the audio jack within the headphones. After browsing around and looking for people who have experienced the same problem, I found that many people have just returned their headphones back to V-Moda. Since I am the second owner of these I don't have that luxury and would only be able to get a 50% off coupon from the company. Thus I want to try to fix them myself, as I am confident in my soldering ability.


I would like to ask if anyone knows where I can find a similar audio jack that is used in the M-80s. There is a picture with the jack mounted on a PCB in this picture from another user:


any help would be appreciated. Thanks!