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What songs do you use to test gear?

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I am interested to know what songs do you use to test headphones, amps, source, etc.


My test songs are:


The Beatles - Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown)

The Beatles - Don't let me Down (Let it be naked... version)

Massive Attack - Angel

Getz/Gilberto - Garota do Ipanema

Portishead - Undenied

Led Zeppelin - I Can't Quit you Babe


What are yours?

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Rage Against the Machine - Take The Power Back

Massive Attack - Risingson

Massive Attack - A Prayer For England

Active Child - Hanging On

The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King Soundtrack - The White Tree

Daft Punk - Human After All

OC ReMix - Clamato Fever

Rush - Hope

Les Miserables: Original London Cast - Red & Black

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a 24/96 needledrop of Classic Records 200gm 45 rpm pressing of Dave Brubecks Time Out

and a CD from XTC - The Man Who Sailed Around His Soul - from Skylarking, Mobile Fidelity Pressing 


These are my first two, then I will listen to some superb sounding DCC Cds and

always something poorly recorded/mastered like Lovin Spoonful or Matthew Sweet

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Anything from Joe Satriani or Hans Zimmer

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Kingston Wall - And It's All Happening/Shine On Me

Pink Floyd - Money/Comfortably Numb

Massive Attack - Three/Angel/Teardrop

Krusseldorf - Choclop/Soe Doe

Acoustic Dub Messengers - Ham and Egg/Musik, Liebe Und Daisy

Shpongle - Room 23/Behind Closed Eyelids

Lauryn Hill - Forgive Them Father

Dusty Kid - The Fugue

The Beatles - Eleanor Rigby/Being for the Benefit of Mr. Kite

Lamb - Trans Fatty Acid (The K&D Sessions remix)/Strong the Root (A cappella) 



I don't, of course, use all of them every time. I usually pick 4-6 of the above and 3 or 4 things more at random

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Mezzanine (Massive attack)

Inception OST (Hanz Zimmer)

Medulla (Bjork)

Waltz for Debby (Bill Evans)

Sgt Peppers (The Beatles)

Mozart Requiem (any version that i have in hands)


Any album by Tommy Bennet

Anything that i have in my hands from Ella fitzgerald and Bill Armstrong

Any album from Ahmad Jammal

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I always use

Andromeda - Oxygen (jean michel Jarre cover) on Goa Neo  vol. 3

Metallica - My friend of misery

Adrian von Ziegler - Kanpai!

Bozzio Levin Stevens - Duende

Bozzio Levin Stevens - Tziganne

David Maxim Micic - Everything's Fine

Jean Michel Jarre - Aerology

Øresund Space Collective - Good Planets Are Hard To Find

Demians - Empire

Krypteria - Victoriam Speramus

Guilt Machine - Twisted Coil

Maurice Ravel - Bolero

Isildurs Bane - A Blank Page

Judas Priest - Leather Rebel

OSI - Kicking (Kevin Moore remix)

The Aristocrats - Bad Asteroid

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This thread gettin' SO much Massive Attack love.:evil:

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Snowy White - Bird of Paradise

Lord of The Rings OST

and random tracks from Hans Zimmer

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Originally Posted by TwelveTrains View Post

This thread gettin' SO much Massive Attack love.:evil:

Probably because Massive Attack have such amazing bass, not to mention that the rest of their sound is exemplary, but that bass man, the bass.


I put Kingston Wall up here, if you like prog rock, slightly different from the classics, this is well worth checking out, for reason both sonic, and musical

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anything on James Blake's Overgrown
anything on OTT's Hallucinogen in Dub
anything on Phillip Glass's Solo Piano
Most things Simon Posford (shpongle/younger brother)
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