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I recently purchased a new pair of Acorn Headphones E1's and thought I would write a review to share my opinions on them. Acorn Headphones are a fairly new company, so not many people know about them. Currently they only make one model of in-ear headphones, but it's well worth trying them out.


The E1's are made from real wood which really sets them apart from other more generic headphones. The light coloured wood housing is complimented by a black metal ring with a thin silver line, and in my opinion they look better than any pair Ive seen in a while. 

In terms of the sound, for £29.99 they're not going to sound as good as headphones in a much higher price bracket, but to my ears they sound fantastic. Every genre of music is clear, the bass is rich and strong and there is no distortion at all even at high volume. I used to use Klipsche S4s but I think the E1's give a better listening experience because to me the S4s lacked bass. 


I really think these headphones are great and I would encourage anyone to go out and buy them if you're looking for something a little different to ordinary earphones. If you buy from their website like I did, you even get a nice presentation box with a coupon card for your next shop and a little chocolate. As I said before, theyre just £29.99 which is extremely reasonable for what you get. 

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