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I am using the Yuin OK2 earbuds, and I find the foam pads useful, providing that I cut holes in them to convert them to 'donut' type ear foams. But after converting them to donut-type, they easily slide out of place! Are there any solutions to that problem?


Would they stay in place if I purchased earpads that are donut-type to start with, instead of cutting my own holes? If so, where can one order donut-type earpads? I'm not finding any online.


Or, another possibility: Head-Direct sells Yuin earpads--not donut type--they are full pads. However, might these, evidently made for Yuin, so different from mine (mine are from Radio Shack) in such a way as to be more likely to stay tightly in place after I convert them to donut-type pads?


Thanks for any help you may be able to provide.