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For 3 years I've had the Logitech G930. But the thing is beginning to lose connection, and generally fall apart. I also start to notice that it really have some problems with sound quality after I bought my Sennheiser CX 300-ii for my trip to school.

So I need a new headset for my PC. Since I bought the G930, I've got a Blue Snowball mic, so I really don't need a mic in the headset.

I will mostly use it for Youtube recording, gaming, and music, where I mostly listen to pop rock, but I do listen to all kinds of music really; techno and so on. .

I've been looking at the HD598, and that is kinda the price point I'm targeting (or less ;) ). But I've been looking on Youtube and whatnot, and some say it leaks extreamly badly, which would be annoying because I almost everyday talk to people over Razer Comms (alternative to Skype)


So I hope you can't help me :)