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For Sale: Eddie Current Balancing Act….

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$1 (USD)
send a PM to take the next step.

For Sale:
Eddie Current Balancing Act….

Will Ship To: US only

Interest Check.


I'm considering selling my BA since I'm not using headphones that much anymore and could re-deploy the funds into upgrading my vinyl rig.  This BA was part of the initial run and it's power supply is set for PX4s.  After buying the amp, I tried virtually all of the 300Bs and decided that I preferred the KR PX4 over any of the 300Bs I tried (See my impressions in post #299 of the Balancing Act thread).  So, the amp would come with KR PX4s, a Mullard ECC35 input tube ($200) and the original input tube and rectifier tubes in the psu.  I also purchased a Stefan Art Audio Endorphin ($475 new) umbilical that was a significant improvement over the stock umbilical.


I would also like to try to include in any deal the 10' Stefan Art Audio Endorphin balanced cable that I've been using with my LCDs.  


This is basically an end-game dynamic set-up.  


Please pm me with any questions or offers.  Low ballers will be politely ignored.


I generally trade on Audiogon under the id Eaglejo.  You can check my feedback there and buy with confidence.

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Wow, end of an era.  Good luck with the sale.

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And I've regained my senses.  The BA is staying here!

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