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Originally Posted by billybob_jcv View Post

I think it's about 90% of the stuff on alibaba & aliexpress. It's either no-name $1 store items or fake. If I was looking for 1000 cheap headphones to give away as a promo prize, I *might* buy from those sites, otherwise, forget it...

Be aware you still have to pay taxes for 1000 headphones, which is a lot believe it or not. If you see a specific model counterfeited, don't forget to post!

Originally Posted by viralcow View Post

Ultrasone Edition 10 and Edition 8's are faked as well.

I haven't seen those headphones in particular. Please post links once you find them, both are made in Germany so I'm kind of surprised.

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http://www.85china.com/product/18655774140/Earphone%20-%20headset%20ATH-CKW1000ANV for $ 133


Well, it is not alibaba, but I believe, it is sufficient for this thread.




http://www.85china.com/product/35902439852/Disassemble%20experience%20genuine%20price%203980%20CKW1000ANV%2050%20Anniversary%20Edition%20headphones%20Shure%20headphones for $ 62


This is the vietnamese forum thread I wrote before. https://www.nhattao.com/threads/khung-tai-nghe-audio-technica-ath-ckw1000anv-anh-that-unbox.2397214/


In one of the picture you can see the Serial No. 7948. I believe there are no more than 2000 of the real ones...

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All on AliExpress, most of which you need to ask the seller for a catalog:


Apple EarPods (gasp)

Soul SL150, SL300, SL99, SL49

Bose IE, AE2/i, OE2/i, SIE2I, Triport OE

Bower & Wilkins P5


Klipsch Image One, S4/i

Marshall Major

Monster Diamond Tears

Monster Inspiration

Monster Tron T1

Sennheiser PMX80

SMS Street by 50 Cent on ear, in ear

Skullcandy Aviator, Navigator

SteelSeries Siberia V2

Urbanears Plattan

V Moda Crossfade LP

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Oh yes, and Bose's QuietComfort includes both the QC15 and QC3.

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Bose IE2, MIE2, OE (ver 1).
Creative EP630,EP830.
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Never seen before, but as of late, various sellers on the usual suspect sites have the Sennheiser HD25 with all logos photoshopped away. 48USD is too good to be true, the headphone is usually made in Ireland anyway. I belive they are fake.

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Originally Posted by Blinxat View Post

Never seen before, but as of late, various sellers on the usual suspect sites have the Sennheiser HD25 with all logos photoshopped away. 48USD is too good to be true, the headphone is usually made in Ireland anyway. I belive they are fake.

Post the website where you find it. 

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just search dhgate



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Originally Posted by Blinxat View Post

just search dhgate


Sennheiser IE80 and IE800 are all over the usual suspect sites.
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Here are pictures of fake B&W P3 and P5. The P3 is mine and I purchased them in Hong Kong for approximately US$80; while the P5 was borrowed from a friend who got it in Manila for about US$125. Both were purchased at around early 2014.


I did not bother doing a side-by-side comparison with the genuine article because they're virtually identical as you'll see below. The only difference is in the sound. Both the fake P3 and P5 have weaker bass. The fake P5 is particularly worse with very weak sub-bass. Everything else about them is so "real" that we suspect that the body and accessories are genuine OEM, probably surplus inventory after B&W released version 2 of these models. The only difference would be the the driver used.  



Fake P5...

Its virtually identical wtih the real thing, except for the sound with its weak bass, however, it's very natural and leaning towards neutral. Volume is weak, on most DAPs it requires a setting of around 65% to 80% to get to a comfortable listening level. The bass is slightly weaker than a Grado SR80, the mids are forward, and the highs have the similar sparkle of the Momentum In-Ear without the sibilance. Overall, its actually pretty good.



Look and feel are dead on.


Smartphone controls. All buttons works with Apple. For Android phones, middle or play button works for music playback, but mic works fine for phone calls.  


Fabric carry case with included spare cable (without mic) and adaptor. Carry case has an inside pocket that fits most DAPs.


All metal stainless steel parts and leather wrapped cups. Debossed B&W logo on brushed steel.



Removable magnetic pads with blue memory foam inserts. Serial number visible when pads are removed. The serial numbers were successfully registered in B&W website and the owner was given a trial subscription to B&W's Society of Sound. He was able to download FLAC tracks, mostly classical music performed by the London Symphony Orchestra.


The leather on the pads is luxuriously supple and the memory foam soft. When you put them on, you'll actually feel the pad settling on the contours of your ears. This leads to a tight seal that feels like the leather of the pad have merged with your ear. The seal is so good that when you take them off you'll feel a pop .


Note the notches on the memory foam inside the headband.



Micro details like stainless steel accents and the laser etched L and R markers on the headband connectors.




Fake P3 ...

I purchased this because it sounds almost like the real thing. Although there's an emphasis on bass, these can's rendering of drums and percussions are one of the most natural sounding I've heard, the mids and vocals are well defined complemented by sparkling treble with absolutely no sibilance. It's so good and cheap that this is my favorite daily headphone.


Inside the clamshell with spare cable. The interior of the case is molded plastic lined wth felt, so fine it's almost velour in texture.


Hard plastic clamshell carrying case. Note the stainless steel hinges and debossed B&W logo.


Smartphone control on the Y cable and 3.5mm plug. The gold plating have started to wear off.


Headband exterior is wrapped in rubber, on the inside is hard rubber padding wrapped in the same fabric as the pads


Stainless steel accents. Note the fabric on the magnetic foam pads.Rubberized paint on the cups. Left and right legend on the interior of the headband connector.




Removable fabric wrapped magnetic pads. Serial number on the right side.

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I just ordered a pair of JVC HA-FX3X3's for 20 bucks from eBay, the seller has sold over 800 units and all reviews seem to indicate that they are, in fact, real.


However, I'm still a bit wary so once I receive them in my mail will someone be able to check whether they're fake or not? 


Thanks in regards,







also this is my first post <3!

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I just won in an eBay auction for Sennheiser ie800, now I'll need to pay $255 for it. I asked the seller if the headphone was made in Germany, asked for the actual pictures of the headphone. The replies was it's legit but no pictures. My last question was the headphone's legit but is it authentic? Yes was the answer. Well, before I pay for this killer deal on Sennheiser ie800, just want to know if anybody purchased from this seller for the same headphone? Did I get lucky or I'm getting a fake
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