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For Sale: Leben 300XS: $2095

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For Sale:
Leben 300XS: $2095

Will Ship To: CONUS

I am selling my Leben 300X. This is one of the best HP amps available and do not seem to come up for sale very often these days. 


It is the 100v version and so will come with a 120v to 100v step-down transformer.


I have been using it with my AKG K1000's and my HD650's and found it to be the best amp I have experienced especially with the K1000's, beating out other Class D, tube 45/2A3/206 amps, and a Pass Aleph Class A clone. Others have found it to work great with LCD's. 


The amp has wonderful pace, dynamics, and tone. It is cosmetically in very good shape. It also has great dynamics and authority driving my 93db Omega speakers.


I will include the stock tubes plus a set of triple plate NOS 5751input tubes and a matched quad of new issue Gold Lion el84s plus a good quad of used Sylvania re-branded English Mullards.


Asking $2095 plus shipping and 3% PayPal.


Will only ship to continental US.


Thanks for looking!



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I really want these, but I'm out of ConUS and it would have to involve some trading to make it happen.

If you decide to reconsider, let me know.

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Thanks for the expression of interest. For now I would like to limit shipping to the 48 continental states...

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I was looking for a used one for months, and 2 weeks ago I finally gave up and ordered a new one.  Murphy's law, of course.  Good luck with the sale!

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Wish it was march I would consider it.
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Why are you not in Brazil!!??? Oh man!

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Originally Posted by phcassa View Post

Why are you not in Brazil!!??? Oh man!

My point exactly, Pablo ;)

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