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Sabre U2 Usb Dac

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Hi. Im having some trouble finding the info i need.


Ive bought the async sabre u2. Set it all up. It sounds ok but i must say im a bit dissapointed. I cant hear much of a difference from that and my laptop sound card.


What i would like to do is have it use a wasapi or asio driver. Im probably completely wrong but i thought that one of these drivers would need to replace the default windows usb audio driver. And maybe a program take control of the mixer. But havent found anything about it.


I have downloaded foobar and installed a wasapi plugin on that. Through the config menu u can switch the output from default to wasapi but i cant hear the slightest bit of difference.I dont think it is doing anything.



Any help would be greatly appreciated



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Wasapi isn't a driver you install, you just have to choose it in foobar the way you did.  You're doing it correctly already.  Any differences will be extremely subtle until you hit $500+ dacs.  You didn't say what amplifier you're using it with or what headphones

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What headphones you using?

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1. Make sure Sabre is configured to work in 24/96 mode:



2. If you are using too compressed or badly mastered music, that may be the problem.

Try some FLACs, preferably not of hip-hop - stay away from the "loudness war".


3. You need some good headphones. I highly recommend JVC HA-S680 - they are a great match with the older HiFimeDiy Sabre DAC (of which I bought 3):



4. Maybe your onboard sound card is really good...

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Ok thanks glad im doing it right.


I was after a better soundcard than the on board laptop one. Even though im using active speakers. I was recommended the sabre. I figured since it doesnt amp up the signal like some other headphone dacs, it would be fine.


Im using microlabs solo7c speakers. I thought they were pretty good with the on board sound before, but i was still interested to see if they had anything more to give with a better soundcard.


I think they just arent very well matched. What ive found is that the sabre brings out more mid and low range on these speakers. Which isnt great for them as even before with the on board sound sometimes you would get a slight resonance and have to take the bass level down a little.


So i find myself dropping the bass level right down on the remote to counteract the extra mid. But at the same time im loosing other bass notes that i want to still hear.


Another thing i noticed was that with the on board sound. I used to get vocals firing out at me from the centre that would be so powerful it would give me chills. I cant seem to get the same effect. Ive tried repositioning the speakers but no luck.


So i guess the sound signature of the sabre probably isnt best suited to the solos. Or maybe the solos are just pants :) I think i will keep using it for a month or so and see how it changes. Apparently there is a burn in period before it will reach its full potential?

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Sabre doesn't require any burn-in.

Don't know about Solos being a good match, but it is great with any good headphones.

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