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IEM Recommendation

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Hey guys, it's been a while since I've been on here. I have had my Soundmagic E-10s for about 2-3 years now and they treated me very well until recently the right driver just died on me for no apparent reason. So I am in the market for some new IEMS, this time, with a higher budget. 

My maximum would be $250.


I mainly listen to electronic/dance music and I would like there to be good bass/punch to them, but not crazy/overboard bass.


I like them to be over the ear but that is not a huge deal.


Things I look for: 


Good quality cable

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I would suggest you check out the following IEM:


  1. Vsonic GR07BE (excellent...just ordered them)
  2. T-Peos H-100 (current IEM, don't like it's V shaped signature. Good for EDM)
  3. T-Peos H-200
  4. Dunu N1000 (brand new in the market with good reviews)



or check out these threads:

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How about the IE80s? Been reading they are pretty well rounded and good for EDM as well

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I haven't tested the IE80 but I find it too expensive when you can get similar SQ for cheaper. I just got the GR07BE. It's the best IEM I've ever bought. Heir Audio is offering the 3Ai model for $229 for now, down from $299 with free shipping. I think that is a very good bargain.

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