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Nokia Lumia 620

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Now I'm well off into the audio testing with the Lumia 620 ($100 off contract) and WP8. I'm past the gaming test and it by far dominates Android on that front. Honestly, anything but a black berry dominates Android. Android really benefited from being the only alternative to iPhone at a time that the iPhone was only for AT&T subscribers. That is no longer true. Honestly, if you go buy a phone today and walk away with a Galaxy S4 you really didn't know much about what you where shopping for. In addition I have to note that Steve Jobs is gone before giving much more praise to WP8. If Jobs was still with us I am very confident iOS7 would have left no room for the rise of Samsung or WP8. So keep that in mind.


So yeah, the audio quality on the Lumia 620 blows any Android phone out of the water. It comes on board with an audio limiter. A damn good one. That keeps all of the sound even. It also has a very deeply light synthetic kind of feel to the sound while still feeling touch organic. Then it has a dolby digital mode. I found the dolby digital to be better then any other one I've worked with. Though I use Diamond Tear headphones and have no need for audio augmentation with purist headphones like the Tears. But still a good feature to have. The on board EQ is incredible. I would put it above the vaunted PowerAmp audio engine from Android.


Another big advantage here is that the Lumia 620 also has an SD card slot. Best Buy also has a sale going on with Class 10 8 GB SD cards for $10. It makes for a good combo.


End point here is that if you don't pull in $20-30k a year and you don't buy the Lumia 620 as your next phone..... you're ridiculous....

If you do make a decent amount then pick up an iPhone. If you read this and bought a Galaxy S4 still.... punch yourself in your ear canal please....

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Its tested here...



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aren't the tears very bass heavy, I wouldn't have put them as purist myself, but I guess it depends what kind of purist... Also, what about the wolfson card in the s3 and s1 and various other droids and earlier iphones, is it as good? (I'm thinking of buying a nokia)

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I really really really liked the 620, but it wasn't anywhere near as cost-effective as the OP suggested -- if it was available at the 520's price point, that would be a different story altogether. In my part of the world these 2 phones were always at least $100 US apart off-contract, the 620 was always in the $300 US range, which is not too bad but really, $300 can buy a lot of other things in the portable audio world.


No, I never got a 520 either, because I like the 620's form factor & design a bit better for my intended purpose. I've got a main phone; this would've been a 21-st century walkman. During 2013 I looked at probably over 20 smartphones for mainly audio use, and ended up not getting any single one of them, because none of them really have everything I want.


I used to be an advocate of phones having a microSD slot, but I've run into mishaps more than once. Incidents like phone system repeatedly mounting/unmounting the card till you pull the battery, or the card and its 30GB music collection getting freak-wiped somehow right before I check in at the airport for a 2-month vacation. And frequent card use probably exacerbates power drain, the degree of which depends on your particular device. I just don't do the card thing anymore - either I make do with the built-in storage, use OTG, or just listen to internet radio.

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