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For Sale: WTB power cords

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For Sale:
WTB power cords

Will Ship To: Anywhere


Well, I had great luck posting a WTB a few months ago, so let's try again.


I am seeking power cords. One to feed a power strip/distribution box; one to feed either my DAC or tube pre-amp. 

I may consider others. I cannot afford the expensive stuff, so $200 plus retail cables are out. I'm more looking for the classic "bang for the buck"

power cords.


Likely candidates:



DH Labs


PS I'm also open to recommendations if anyone cares to offer any. I have MAC HC power cords now, but I need more due to recent equipment changes. Ideal length is probably 4 to 6 feet, but longer could work. A one meter might even work for the DAC. 


I am also seeking SUB WOOFER interconnects. These are to feed what are really "woofers" from a plate amp. 

I need TWO long interconnects. One must be at least 10 to 12 feet; the other could be 6 feet. But, a matched pair at 12 feet would ideal. 

I've considered Blue Jean and a few others for this task, but, hey, you might have something kicking around that you're not using. Located sub woofer cables. 


Thank you, everyone.


I will aim to reply promptly.

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