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Android phone for audiophiles ?

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I am thinking to upgrade my current Nexus one to something better. I have checked modern phones line and seems only LG G2 has Wolfson DACs. Using an external DAC isn't an option, since it eliminates portability, I can use laptop with a good $1K value external USB DAC in this case

Unfortunately G2 has no memory extension, ay least for the rest of world out of Korea. Since I play only vinyl rips 1.8Gb each, not having memory extension means not having the phone for me. What could be my alternative? Wait another year? Perhaps Android 5 will be released with supporting 24 bits

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Galaxy note 3 snapdragon version. Haven't heard enough solid evidence the Yamaha in the exynos version is making the grade. The sound is solid out of the box btw. Most wolfsons need some tweaking with custom kernels. The qualcomm wcd9320 is pretty good.

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HTC One Max! No beats nonsense and very clean HO. Try it gor yourself...
Oh... And the speakers are really loud!
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Nexus 5 hands down.
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I heard that some of the flagship Sony Xperia phones have an S Master MX Digital Amp in them.
It would sound great, they support FLAC files too (natively via Android, I know they're Walkman Z does so why wouldnt the phone?)
Or you can consider the Xperia S tablet, that DEFINITELY has the S Master MX in it.

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