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For Sale:
Grado RS1i Headphones (Full / Complete Package) ** ### SOLD ### **

Will Ship To: CONUS

** ### These Headphones Have Been Sold. ### **



This is the "Complete" package, and as follows:


  • Grado RS1i headphones - Condition 8/10 on the Audiogon scale.  No major marks, scuffs, etc.  I'll only rate it an "8" to be sure I have things covered and at the very most, there could be a few minor blemishes as part of the natural owning process as well as the materials that are used during the build.  These are completely stock.  No modifications applied what-so-ever.


  • Grado RS1i Original Box with foam inserts, etc.


  • Grado "original" 8-conductor cable with 1/4" connector.


  • Grado "Original" 15' Extension Cable.


  • Grado "Original" 1/4" to 3.5mm adapter / dongle.


  • Grado L-Cush pads - fresh, clean, soft and in beautiful condition.


These headphones were never used in a smoking environment.  No unusual odors of any type.


Price: $525.00.  This price is for CONUS shipped and insured USPS Priority Mail.  I double box my shipments with *new* packaging materials and don't use used boxes, etc.  There are no additional PayPal fees as I'll absorb them.  As to the insurance, I'll ensure it for the full value to ensure the buyer is completely covered on this purchase.




Q: Are you considering selling these headphones for International buyers?

A: Actually not at this time.  Higher-priced items are of a concern to me when selling internationally, and to handle it right would require International Express shipping which for Insurance, Tracking number, etc. runs in the $85.00 range (My cost).


Q: Is this listing an "OBO" Or Best Offer Listing with respect to the price?

A: No, unfortunately, it's not.



Additional Questions?  Please let me know if you have them.  I'll be glad to respond to any a bit later this evening when I'm back on-line.



Edit #1: Photos of the actual Grado RS1i headphones, box and cables has been provided, as well as the serial number details.

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