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For Sale: Beyerdynamic A1

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This Classified is Closed

For Sale:
Beyerdynamic A1

Will Ship To: US only

Since I will upgrade my whole system, so I will sell this amp for just 300usd.


I bought this amp with my t1 from an authorized dealer on Oct, 2013. It is in absolutely perfect condition. 


please pm me for more infomation and photo if you want. 


The price is 300usd(DOES NOT including paypal fee and shipping cost), I will ship with all the original packaging and paper work. 

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Interested.. PM Sent..
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the system is so slow, I have not received your pm yet

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sent pm with intent to buy

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Originally Posted by karmanfamily View Post

sent pm with intent to buy

at that price I'm not surprised......

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Resend PM..



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sorry guys, I really need to sell my other equipment before this one, so I am temporarily closing this thread, but I swear I will sell this amp at the same price as soon as I sell my bryston and fostex. because if there is no one want to buy them, there is no point for me to sell my A1. And up to now karmanfamily is the first head-fier who contact me for this amp. I am really sorry for all the inconvenience here. 

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No problem!
I'm game now, tomorrow and next week...
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I'm in for this as well once it comes back online!
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Sorry it is sold to Karmafamily

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