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For Sale:
WTB: looking for great amp+DAC combo for Denon-D5000

Will Ship To: Anywhere

WTB amp+DAC desktop set to drive my D5000 well. 


Currently have Musical Fidelity X-CAN V8P+X-PSU V8 or V3 / M1 combo in mind. Also interested in RudiStor NX-03(amp) + some DAC from Yulong, Audio-gd as other options. However if you have any other advice for different set, welcome to show me yours! I will seriously consider it, just shoot me an offer. One more need to mention is that Please include any accessories cables as well since I m new for Desktop set and lack of any cables for Desktop Set. 


My total budget is $1000 at maximum (amp+dac+cables or accessories)