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PSA: Be on the Lookout for Copy/Paste Bots

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I wish, great, I was perusing ClieOS' excellent Earbud Round-Up thread when I noticed something that has become all too common recently: the post was a copy/paste of a previous post in the thread, only this time, it was mine! Here's what I wrote in the comment section of the report.

Originally Posted by Me 

This "guy" just copied/pasted a portion of one of my earlier posts: http://www.head-fi.org/t/441400/earbuds-round-up-update-june-28th-2013#post_5955377

I've also noticed these bots like to post an image at the end of posts. Thankfully, the forum seems to block it.

Is there some forum software that can take care of these bots? There's got to be a better way than searching through the post histories of each user in the thread.

Bot Slayer

Here's a screenshot of the post:


and here's the post (from yours truly) the bot copied from. Notice the highlighted portion of the post:


Now honestly, it's been so long that I didn't even remember it was my post, just that what was written was familiar as the thread is one that I read often. So how much harder do you think it would be if the words weren't giving me a sense of deja vu? I'm wondering how many of these bots are flying under the radar as their posting methods are getting much more sophisticated, compared to the usual brazen posts like

Originally Posted by Spambot of the past 

her'es a great place too by headphones: www.yeahwesellfakebeatsyounumbskull.com

So if you see a post that reminds you of an earlier post, it's not a glitch in the Matrix. If the post was made by a new member, and seems to have inconsistent grammar, particularity at the beginning and end of the post when comparing to the "copied" portion, it's most likely a bot. thanks.

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The bots have become sentient! RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!!
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Actually those bots / human have became fairly active in the forum for the last few months and I have reported quite a few myself. They are kind of easy to spot since most of the post don't make much sense. But I have seen quite a few times that other forumers didn't notice and keep responding to the post...

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It certainly has been getting worse as of late. The gibberish posts are easy to spot, but every once in a while they post something that looks like a legitimate post at first glance, which is why this thread was posted.

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
If you haven't noticed, this thread is actually a spoof of the thread I posted just 4 minutes earlier. Radio_head is a genius. wink.gif
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