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this seems like a bit of an odd one so i thought id throw it out there and see if anyone else suffers similar issues, i first noticed it on the dacmagic and the same thing happens on the HRT so its not the DAC at fault, anyway on to the prob.


my laptop is a vaio, a few years old now but still capable of holding its own (i7, 4gb, gt425) it has 2 usb 3.0 ports and one combined esata/usb 2 port, when connected to the esata/usb it will work just fine until you connect something to one of the other usb ports, at which point the volume drops to around 1/4 of what it was at, it doesnt change any settings though so you cant just turn it back up, so youd think the solution would be as simple as unplugging and reconnecting it and it is, sort of only most of the time when reconnected i hear constant pops in the audio, this persists until you restart or plug a few other devices into that port before then connecting the DAC again for clean sound.


so why not just use the usb 3.0 ports? well while the sound is nice and clear to start with it will suddenly and for no reason cut to nasty sharp static instead of music intermittently, does anyone else suffer these problems? im almost certain its got something to do with the usb 3 ports so its probably best i just get a hub for the one 2.0 one, or an expresscard usb adapter (or just a new laptop!) in any case im interested to know if anyone else has had similar issues or if its just my wiggy laptop wigging out


also on a similar subject does anyone know where to find a reasonable quality mini b to micro b cable thats actually in stock, it is a bit long really but ive been looking at the lindy one only everywhere including lindy themselves are out of stock. i have one coming from ebay but its coming from china so itll take a while yet and i dont expect it to actually work considering it was about a quid!