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Hi everyone,


I'm looking for some good open headphones. I had an AKG K701, which was fine but not really what I was looking for. I recently bought the closed-back Sony MDR-XB1000 which is really, really fun, but I'm also looking for a good neutral open can, and the T90 seem pretty great for the price. The reviews are really good, and they are often compared to the T1. I checked the different threads on HeadFi and they are rather well liked.


In your opinion, are there other better open headphones in this price range?


I'll mostly be listening to electronic music (Daft Punk, Justice, Madeon, Pretty Lights, Overwerk, Adventure Club, Feed Me). Some say that the T90 are a bit bass light, others that they're okay and can deliver strong bass if you boost them a bit with EQ.


An other headphone which seem really great is the HiFiMan HE-500, but the cheaper I could find them here (in Europe) is 600 EUR (807 USD), which is almost double the price of the T90.


What open cans would you recommend in this price range to listen to electronic music?


Thanks :)