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Suggestions? Upgrading from my Shure SRH440

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Hello everyone, this is my first time posting on these forums. I am just getting into higher-quality headphones. About a year ago, I, unwilling to spend over $100 on a pair, bought myself the Shure SRH440, which I still believe are a great value. At first I was very impressed with the headphones, which were a great step up from common headphones found in stores like Best Buy. But after a year of listening, I think I'm ready for another step up in quality. I'm now willing to go up to about the $200 range. The obvious step up would be to the Shure SRH840, but I find my current cans to be unreasonably large and bulky, and the SRH840 does not change the exterior of the headphone. 


I'm not planning to listen to FLAC or a similar lossless format, as I don't have a very large hard drive. The best format I can have on my iPod Classic is 360 kbps mp3, but I plan to purchase a portable amp to make up for it. Does anyone have any recommendations for flat, over-ear headphones for casual listening in the $200 range?

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a couple of points.  my main suggestion is to buy your portable amp and line out before buying new headphones.  The Fiio E 11 does a good job with your set up and does not break the bank.


If you feel an overwhelming need to buy new headphones and are looking for a less bulky neutral headphone, my suggestion is the HD25-II  It's not your over ear preference, but I find it comfortable and indestructible.

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Good idea. As a soccer referee, I only work in the spring and fall, so I was planning to reward myself with new headphones months from now, after the spring season. After poking around a bit today online, I decided I should get some nice, open back monitors for home and some cheaper, but still good in-ears. Here's my choices so far:


Home Listening:

AKG Q 701

or Sennheiser HD 598


In Ears:

Thinksound TS02 (never heard of the brand but great reviews)

Sennheiser CX 890i


I was thinking of buying the in-ears used to cut down the price (free burn in too woop)

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