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Hey everyone!  I've been lurking for a little bit and this is my first thread.  I have done some research but I still feel like there are too many options so maybe it would be more fruitful if I specified exactly what I'm looking for to help narrow it down.  


I have a set of Bose QC15s (i love them) and my girlfriend is always stealing them from me (she loves them too).  For christmas,  I want to get here a decent pair of headphones and here is exactly what I am looking for.


-Around $100 but if Best Buy sells them I could go higher because I work there and would get a discount.  However, if there is a pair that is truly worth it, I would bump up the price a bit.

-On-ear.  I don't think she likes the fact that mine go over the ears.  She says that they look too big and so maybe having on-ear would be better for her

-She listens to her music through a computer and an ipod.  She primarily listens to folk and NEVER rap or anything hip hop with a huge bass.  I think a tight bass would be more important than a bass-heavy set.  

-Comfort is a must.  One reason I am giving these to her is because she is going to be working on her senior thesis next semester and she loves to listen to music while writing.


Thanks guys and girls!