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Hey, I'm looking for advice for M50 being good for gaming with an Astro Mixamp 2013 and for fps gaming in general and mobile phone listening.

Currently the best headset I've ever had is Astro A50 for 300 € but they are really meant for gaming.. If any of you have had both of these, which really is better? I'm playing on PS3 (moving PS4 once it launches on europe) with Astro MixAmp and A50, like I said above.

And mobile phone listening, mainly when I listen music is when I am at school or when I'm laying in bed and that is always with a mobile phone, I barely use PC for music.

It's quite funny that I keep saying that one of the best "headsets" (earbuds) I've ever used are those that came with my iPod Shuffle, they even seem to be better than those A50's..


Would really like to know if M50 is any good for gaming and mobile phone listening. I've read multiple reviews already and everyone seems to recommend them. I just wasted 35 € for Koss Porta Pro and they are just absolutely piece of crap and now I really want a great headphone.