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Hi Guys,

I have been looking into which headphones to buy for the last two weeks (mainly for on the go) and have narrowed it down to the above (also saw some Denon headphones that sounded quite good but forgotten the make). After trying on the P5's, the sound seems a little canned, closed but with great bass. The momentums distorted at high levels on very bassy tracks but were great lookers, and the Philips were not the best to look at but good sounding. I do not want to spend more than £350, and want something that looks good and performs well; the over ear momentums and P7's are simply to big for my liking but both sound perfect.

Whilst I appreciate that this is a very subjective topic, could you please give me some advice on what I should look for? I listen to a lot of Hard Dance, Electro House, House, Deep House, Dubstep, Hip-hop, but also a fair bit of indie, blues, soul, rock, and a wee bit of classical, not to mention countless sub-genres of the aforementioned. I don't want something like Beats that rips a hole in my ear by adding loads of bass; I want a decent amount of bass but without altering the way the song was intended to be heard too much.

At the moment I am swaying towards the Sennheiser momentum on-ears in red; I like the sound, I like the style, I was just have to be careful about putting too much bass down the lines. Probably worth stating that I am frequently travelling via planes, so don't want the noise to be drowned out by enginges/crying babies.

Any advice would be great, or other suggestions equally so.