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Hello World! 


I have been browsing this website for quite some time, and I finally sat down and made an account.


Anyways, I really wanted to treat myself to some nice headphones for Christmas. I already own the VMODA LP 2 and the M 100 and Sol Republic Tracks and Beats Studios (which I am too afraid of stepping out of my house with lest I be mocked by my friends). While I have been very impressed with the VMODAs (and I kind of ignore my Tracks:(), I felt that they were pretty heavy and metal sides are really uncomfortable to sleep with and the bass (oh god the bass) can be a little too much sometimes.


I listen mostly to pop, rap, and edm. I listen to music from my phone (also, this sounds really dumb but does anyone know how to EQ on an iPhone?) because I have a two hour commute. I am not really into the idea of noise-cancelling but isolation is very appreciated.


Any thoughts? My budget is pretty low $100 - $300. I have looked into the Sennheiser Momentum and Amperior as well as the Diamond Tears by Monster and the Skullcandy Aviators, and I can't really decide. Any thoughts / other suggestions?


I have glasses, so I would prefer over ear, but its really not that big of a deal.


Also looks DO matter.