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For Sale: Hifiman HE-300 $140 shipped

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For Sale:
Hifiman HE-300 $140 shipped

Will Ship To: United States

Hello I'm selling my Hifiman HE-300, these were purchased by me from earlier this year and they include the stock silver cable and velour earpads.  No problem with them, I just don't use them anymore since getting different headphones.  They are in excellent condition except the earpads could use a lint roller applied to them.  I've never removed the earpads or done any mods to these.  I'll ship USPS priority to any us 50 states for $140 and I'll pay the paypal 3% fee.  price dropped

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Interested in trades?

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No to trades :(

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Headphones still available!

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Headphones available again!  Give the gift of headphones this season ;)

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Man I want these! How well do they do when amplified?

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hi oakleyguy89 they work great amplified or unamplified, they are only 50 ohm impedance so they don't need a powerful amp.  let me know if you're interested!  I can ship these tomorrow morning if you want

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My wife wont let me get them mad.gif Shes letting me get a new amp and thats about it for me for my xmas lol
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how to know what rev of this HE-300? I know there are 3 revs out

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ok I found the definitive answer about revisions:   rev 1 has thick canare cable and wooden box, rev 2 is thinner canare with wooden box, rev 3 is silver braided cable no wooden box.  these are rev 3, I purchased them new from earlier this year.  I don't think anyone has sold the rev 1 in a long time.


edit:  I actually posted unboxing photos in the he-300 thread when I received these, I forgot about it.. I even posted a pic of the card with the drivers serial numbers heh.  so rest assured these are pristine newest revision headphones taken care of by a headphone nerd in a non smoking house.  


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Will you ship to Canada?

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US shipping only :(

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Hey guys, just kind of a friendly bump here. These are great headphones even for the full asking price.


My friend picked these up a while ago and I have had the chance to play around with them a little bit. 


I really do believe they sound better than the sennheiser 598s and certainly the beyerdynamic headphones in the same price range (DT880/990). 


For 140 bucks you really can not go wrong. 

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sold to zacjones99

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