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Looking for a decent headset, comfort has been my main issue with what I've tried so far

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First of all, greetings to you all! I'm so glad I found this website to be honest, because it has so many good reviews as much as useful info, or rather efficient info. Mad Lust Envy's guide was awesome. I've been having so many issues over the years when it gets down to the "ideal" headset for me. Now, I'm sorry to disappoint you, but I'm not a professional in this matter, nor do I own sophisticated or refined "ears", in the means of being able to distinguish certain musical notes. With this taken into consideration, you might just call me the average Joe who just loves music and maybe gaming from time to time. To start off with some useful info, I used to be a pretty keen guitar player, right until my university life started giving me trouble (I moved out to a dorm and haven't touched my poor Wildkat ever since).


I'm sorry for the offtopic above; getting back to the theme, I never seem to find the right headset for me, I'll start off with mentioning 80% of what I had so far: I started off with an ol' pair of Sennheisers, but at the time I was too young to realize how sophisticated they were and how they could shine, I just needed them for my Vox amp. Those were damn sturdy but unfortunately I think they gave up due to being 10 years old or something. After that I'm just gonna go through the rest: sennheiser pc 165 usb; plantronics audio 655 (I gave em to a friend and got back to the sennheisers shortly), creative soundblaster wow edition - GOD, those were so ****ty, that crystal sound was really bugging me, but after around 1 month of use as soon as I put them on one day they just gave up on me and the right joint literally cracked; steelseries siberia v2 7.1 - the sound was so damn good but they felt so uncomfortable to the point that the middle section of my year was literally in pain after 1 hr of use; logitech G930 wireless - my opinion on them would be something like "meh", 7.1 was good, the only problem is that they had been decomposing throughout the timespan of 2 years to the point that the inner plastic on the right fell off, the right "joint" was left open and it simply cracked right after, not to say there were times when the right earphone simply stopped responding, I had to play some of those bass heavy electro songs or how do you call it to make it work again, probably was a contact sort of problem; after that I gave up and got back to the PC165 but the poor thing's cable completely lost contact after around 8 years of use. So my last purchase was Sennheiser PC320, I was so sure they would be extremely comfy, even siberia v2 didn't do the job ! Unfortunately, my ear cartilage keeps bumping the inner side which is really solid and hurts, so I'll be requesting a refund by tomorrow, amazon seemed quite friendly on that. 


I just can't seem to find that comfortable headset I can wear hours long, nothing seems to work out for me. I should also mention that my head is slightly bigger than average, and that would be the same for me ears as well, and they are so damn sensitive, and by that I mean that middle section which stands out the most, mainly the outer edge of the cartilage and around it, it just hurts after short periods of time after wearing headphones. So my conclusion would be that on-ear headphones really won't work out for me no matter how hard I try. The thing is that really big headphones would be too loose, and on-ear ones would be too tight on my ear, and either way my ears will just end up sore or the headset will just put too much pressure on my scalp if it's too lose (the latter was the reason I couldn't find the right position for the G930, it wasn't too bad but not good either). So I've been reading reviews and doing some serious googling over a few weeks, since I'm in university and don't have a job yet, I can't really on a big budget, christmas is approaching though and maybe I could push it to 140-150 euros, but for that price I hope the damn headset will live as long as my 165's. So far I've thought about Beyerdynamic DT 990 (hard decision as they are so expensive, they're in the professional audio section after all), Sennheiser HD558, HD598 (if it's really worth the difference). To be honest, since my ears aren't really trained to distinguish fine details as well as tone heightness, even if the guitar helped me a little, it's still not at that level; what I am most focusing on right now is comfort, price efficiency - as in how long they will last based on their price- and probably a little superiority in sound. I'm so tired of trying so many headsets, and then reaching the same conclusion: my ears just can't stand 'em. I'll probably be using them for music and a little bit of gaming (I'm not a hardcore gamer, but I do enjoy playing shooters and rpgs after a hard day -figuring out enemies' position in cs:go wouldn't be bad though-). I mostly listen to 80's rock, old fashioned jap rock, eurobeat and a little bit of dnb (veela's stuff mainly); if that helps. Bass isn't all that important, it's good to know it's there but I'm not a bass addict so I don't need it excessively.


As a last note, I've been using my laptop much more often since I'm away from home 80% of the time, so from what I've read, I'm gonna need an amp for the headsets mentioned right above, gonna try to save some funds over the time for that as well. 


In case you've read this long-ass wall of text, thank you! I hope someone friendly enough is willing to give me some advice as I am at a loss right now !


P.S.: In-ear headphones are a no, just no. 


EDIT: I might have missed some grammar mistakes, I'm really sorry if you find any, my English is not the best.

         I also forgot to mention that I'd like open-headset suggestions, some vent through big pads seems better for me.

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I'm not sure where you live but you really should go out to a store and try some headphones out.  But if you want some opinions, the most comfortable headphones I've ever put on my head are the Sony MD-1R.  They feel like nothing and are extremely comfortable but are a closed back design.  Just my 2 cents.  I hope you can get out and try some on.

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Well, there is indeed one Saturn nearby, but I can't say they have that many models, there are a few AKG's which were too tight for me and the others are pretty much average. That's not quite right, I've tried tons of them, that's how I ended up buying siberia v2. I can't really figure it out because I need a little bit of time to tell if they're truly comfy or not, like I'll summarize my experience with siberia v2: I tried them on at the store and they seemed really good, but of course that was misleading, after wearing them for like an hour I just couldn't bear it. So I thought there might be someone with the same issue around who could give me some insight on this matter.

I'm thinking that maybe I need something like the HD558's, since my ears are a bit bigger than average the ellipsoidal shape might be better for me.

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Does Saturn have a good return policy?  Buy, Try, Return, Repeat!  :beerchug:

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Well if you give them a reason it's probably possible, I just have to make sure I won't accidentally scratch them. But there are 2 issues with buying from them : first of all they don't have many models in the professional audio section, at least, not the ones I'm willing to test, and second, for some reason amazon has much better prices than stores, differences can go up to 30-40 euros. I live in Germany btw. I've thought about Beyerdynamic DT990s because they look pretty big and have soft padding, same for Sennheiser 558 or 598. 

Edit: I'm gonna try to make it a bit more clear, I'm aiming for pretty good padding and enough space because if the size is similar to Sennheiser pc320, the material is good enough but my ears still somehow touch the solid fabric so they end up being painful after a while.

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The Sennheisers should be comfortable.  I've tried the HD650 for hours without any problems.

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Thanks a lot for taking the time to advise me ! Will definitely keep that in mind.

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