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For Sale: All done

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For Sale:
All done

Will Ship To: CONUS

I've been on a search for a DAP that I love. Have yet to find it but I'll make do with the RWAK100 for now. It isn't my favorite but I dropped it/scratched it up some so the resale value is less. Might as well keep it for now. All this other stuff is in better shape and most of it would be considered near-mint. 


I've got:


iBasso DX100: good overall condition, one minor scuff near the HP jack (not sure how that happened, its never been dropped). Latest firmware makes this a pretty useable device and I'm tempted to hang on to it, but its a little big for my pocket. 

asking $750


HiFiMAN HM-801: Like new, hardly used this one. Just been sitting for about a year. I never swapped the amp card so it has whatever version they were giving stock as of 2012. 



iHiFi 812 V2: Excellent condition, little or no signs of use except some dust. This one goes new for around $260+ and sounds really good. Weak point is the ui which is very simplistic. But if all you want to do is play an album straight through, this will get the job done. 

asking $150



Hifi ET MA8: 8/10, minor flaws on a few corners, hardly noticeable but enough for me to not call it perfect. This has a slight channel imbalance at low volumes. It isn't audible when I use a Momentum or Grado or any other full size headphone. IEMs will show it though. I added Rockbox hoping to fix the problem that way, but support is not yet complete so it doesn't pan volume at this point. It's still Rockbox though which is nicer than stock interface. New these are nearly $500. This is the copper color which looks pink in some pics but not in real life.

asking $200 due to the slight channel imbalance. 


HifiET MA9: Also an 8/10 (at least) with very minor signs of wear. Rockbox installed which was not an easy process. Rockbox support is almost complete for this one and it works very well but it doesn't allow use of the built in 8gb (but you can always boot to stock for that). This is the best sounding DAP I've ever heard, definitely better than the RWAK100 or the DX100. It has dual mono pcm1704 chips and a well designed amp section with discrete opamps and buffers for each channel. This one is the dark green version. $800+ new.



Paypal only, CONUS only. Shipping is on me in most cases except for the hifi ET products which come in large wooden presentation boxes. If you want the box it will cost a little more to ship (maybe $10). 

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Replied to all PMs. Lots of interest but everything still available for now. 

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