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Need Help Headset Under 100$

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Hey Guys :) Im using a S4 i9500 ,as i love music ... im looking forward to buy a headset (over the ear) for myself... i like bass alot and like to listen on a high volume and i need them comfortable too ... as i've seen many threads that xb500 are the best for it but it seems i cant find it here anywhere around online or from market as i stay in India...

So Can You Suggest Me a Good Headset with good comfort high volume and superb bass under 100$ 

and I'm Currently Using ZX300 which i got pretty cheap a week before so Please Any Help Will Be Appreciated ... ZX300 sux to the core i hate em


It Seems that i can buy any from these headset ... the site which i trust and have got stuffs from... and if any item is not here i could go searching for it in the nearby market please help me :(



Any Help Would be appreciated, sorry for bad english its not my first language

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Creative Arvuna Live! But comfort depends on your ear size as the cups are a bit smallish. They are lightweight and comfortable and only cost $75 and do have good bass.



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Sir Thanx, are you sure they deliver superb bass because i love bass too much i like boom boom alot i usually listen to trance and dubsteps and you could look at my profile picture and find out my ear size :P

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Yes, but if you want even more bass then Vmoda Crossfade M-100 will do it but they cost $300.00. Never heard them and am going by what I have read. Crative Arvuna Live! I do own.




I have beyerdynamic DT990pro and they are considered to have good bass and the Creative headphones have more. The driver in the Creative headphones are same as Denon 1001 and they cost $150




Driver is actually made by Foster/Fostex.


Here is a review of the Creative Live headphones, they are also on his wall of fame so they must be good for what they cost to be on his wall of fame.



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To be true... IVE never been a fan.of.creative so im having some trust issues with it thats the reason im droping it still if you say i shall buy it... Sir one.more.question on this forum.ive.also head that htf600 is a good deal and its even.cheap
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i dont know if you'll be able to order them given that they are an american site and i'm not sure where you're writing from, but tigerdirect.com has logitech ue6000s for $80. I just wrote a brief review on them in the logitech ue6000 thread somewhere in this subforum. they are good headphones, and the bass is really punchy and clear although a bit overpowering in my opinion.

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The ue6000s go way over my budget its around 12thousand rupees in my.country... And my budget is under 6-6.5thousand.rupees
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Look around here what people have to say about the Creative Arvuna Live! headphones, read all the reviews on amazon.com, the positive opinions are overwhelming.


Think of them as Fostex headphones but with Creative's name on them because that is what they are.

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But... I just got the price it amount.goes over 9 thousand rupees
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