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First-time poster, long-time lurker here. For the most part, I've found the reviews and discussions here to be enough to help me make a buying decision, but I have previously only used over-ear cans, whereas now I'm looking for in-ears, which means I probably won't be able to try them out before buying.


First things first: What sound signature do I like? I've previously owned a pair of Beyerdynamics DT-860, which I absolutely loved. I currently use a pair of Shure SHR-440. Quite a bit of a downgrade, I know, but my beloved Beyer's eventually succumbed to my brutal wear-and-tear and I was on a budget. I do like the Shure's, but without EQ tweaking, I find the bass to be way too subdued (and I find most headphones to have way too much bass) and the mids sound a bit muddy.


So, the two most important factors I'm looking for in a pair of in-ears are 1) neutral sound, and 2) comfort. Given these requirements I've currently narrowed down my options to 4 IEMs, which I'd like to hear your opinions on:


1) Musical Fidelity EB-50

These seem to be a good option if one wants a neutral sound. I haven't been able to find a frequency graph, but from what I've read, their claim of a ruler-flat frequency response is actually true. However, I'm not sure about how comfortable they are.


2) Etymotic HF-2

Etymotic seems to be a great option for neutral sound. The frequency response seems really nice, but again, I'm not sure about the comfort.


3) Klipsch X7i

Most reviewers and commenters seem to describe these as "balanced" rather than neutral, which may or may not be preferable, depending on what you mean by that. WhatHifi praised them for comfort in their review.


4) Philips Fidelio S2

I guess this is the joker among my current options. I almost never look to brands like Philips when buying headphones, but from what I can gather, these are actually really good, despite having dynamic drivers and a relatively low price. The comfort is what made me the most interested though, since the driver sits in the outer ear. Years ago, I had a pair of Sony earbuds with a somewhat similar design and I liked them quite a lot.


If you've actually read this far, thank you, and I apologize for the lengthiness of this post. :)