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PS4 Video Playback question

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Question for those of you lucky enough to get a PS4, I have not been able to find this anywhere (most reviews don't focus on this):


Without installing anything on a computer, can the PS4 read embedded cover art in an mp4 file with its system/network video player?


Failing that, if I had cover art (folder.jpg or moviename.jpg) in the same folder, will it show that?


I have a ton of movies ripped to my PC, each of them has the cover art embedded (using iTunes/mp3Tag).  It started with just the kids movies, as they're much more likely to recognize the cover art than the name, but then my OCD nature kicked in and I decided that I needed cover art on all of the movies.


The lack of this feature is why I sold my PS3 and bought a second Xbox 360 (a decision I never regretted until I bought the E console to replace my original one earlier this month and the power supply blew 3 days later...); but if the PS4 has this feature it will strongly influence my decision to buy one when the time comes to upgrade to the next-gen.

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I could be wrong, but I don't think the PS4 can play anything off an external media source, so forget the cover art. Not sure you can even play the mp4 file to begin with.


Sony really focused on a pure gaming system this time around.

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Ew.  That's no good.  Wonder why Sony decided to neuter the capabilities that way (and if there will be some support coming out in a later system update).

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I have heard rumors that a future update will bring these features to the system. These things are going to be around for the next 7-10 years. Just like the current consoles, I suspect they will change quite a bit over that time.


As far as "neuter", I think it's more a factor of timing. They focused 100% on gaming, and were developing right up until the end to get the console to market.

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