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After I'm disappointed with my brand new MDR-XB90EX, I'm looking for new IEMs, but I'm getting an F886, so this time I'm want better IEMs for high def music. H3 and 40 are too expensive for my budget, but what can you say about H1 and 30? I, of course, read the reviews about them, but not sure which one to go for, since I'm a bit of a basshead. Currently I'm using MDR-XB41EX with my walkmans (A series and S series) and I'm quite happy with them, however sometimes bass can be too much and I can compromise from bass for clearer audio. Hence I'm gonna go for XBA series this time, but I do love my bass, well, bassy! Ugh it's hard to decide! I don't wanna buy them and not like them, these are really expensive for my budget.


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