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For Sale: Amperex USN-CEP 6922 1964 Pair

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For Sale:
Amperex USN-CEP 6922 1964 Pair

Will Ship To: Anywhere

For sale, a pair of Amperex USN-CEP 6922 tubes, made in NY for the US Navy in the '60s. These are the same Holy Graal tubes as the Amperex PQ 6922 white label that so many people rave about.


I bought both tubes as "used" and tested above 100%, and they may very well be used, but they look and sound pretty new or strong to me; very close to new or NOS range at any rate!


Both tubes have gold pins as Amp'ex 6922 tubes should. Both have excellent silk screening, as per the pictures. Tube 1 has a 64-52 silk printed date code, and *4J codes (made by Amperex in NY in Oct 1964), and tube 2 has a 65-08 stamped date, and *4L codes (Amperex NY, Dec 1964). So the tubes were both made in NY in 1964, 8 weeks apart from each other.


I'm looking to sell these sold and I can ship worldwide!


Thanks for reading!

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