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The release of FiiO X3's new firmware (FW2.1)—Nov 20th 2013

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The release of FiiO X3's new firmware (FW2.1)—Nov 20th 2013

X3 Firmware version FW2.1 fixed the following issues in version FW2.05:

1. Fixed issue with playback of 192kHz tracks where repeated plugging
and unplugging of headphones may cause the sound to change pitch.

2. Fixed issue where the song's progress bar does not move when fast forwarding.

3. Fixed issue where X3 produces "pop" sounds when used as USB DAC with certain computers.
(glitches may still occur with improper computer configuration)

4. Improved file sorting in browse mode, being now compatible with songs exported from iTunes.

>>Download Address
The zip file includes FW2.1, E-manual, DAC driver and its installation manual.

Note: For users with X3 updated to FW2.05 and installed the device driver, there is NO need to install it once again.
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Lovely, I just received my X3 1 hour ago.

Gonna update in a bit.

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Is there any  alternative link ?? too slow !

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Originally Posted by veracocha View Post

Is there any  alternative link ?? too slow !

Here you go sir ! https://www.dropbox.com/s/v3d0n9tkqfut21z/X3_FW2.1_EN.zip

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Hello, FiiO!

When will you fix a problem with a 0dBFS signal? There are many songs normalized on this level especially electronic bass. So when you play any music file normalized to 0dBFS there are always be additional distortions. I think this need to be fixed. It is very bad with line out and not at all on headphones out.

Here are the pictures with 100kOhm load.

1) 0dBFS Sine 1kHz

Line out:

Headphones out:

2) -1dBFS Sine 1kHz

Line out:

Headphones out:

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I just upgraded my Fiio with the brand new firmware 2.1 but suddenly Fiio stopped working two times! The latter while I was listening music... never heard since I bought this little masterpiece... really weird isn't it?


What d'you think?





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Just purchased X3 with FW1.23EN. I installed 64gb Sandisk card. Here's where I need assistance- I am baffled a bit  upgrading firmware to 2.05. I have successfully downloaded the firmware zip file from the FIIO but unsure where to put the zip file or unzipped file (x3.fw) or what to do with it. When the X3 is connected via USB to Windows 7 computer the X3 shows as (F:) drive and the memory card as Removable Disk (H:). I would really appreciate if someone could provide upgrade instructions so I can complete the firmware update.


Many Thanks,



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Also, my 64gb Sandisk card is exFat and not FAT32. But I don't see a format option for FAT32. Appreciate help on this too.





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You can download a software on fiio website that would let you format to FAT32. It's on the support page.
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Originally Posted by mare View Post

OK,  After reading the 2.5 million posts here, yesterday I ordered the X3___with SanDisk 32GB Class 10 card,

from B&H, have had enough with amazon.


Like the Boy Scouts say, "be prepared" or words to that effect. Have  Dl'd SD formatter, and tested in my iMac on older card.


You definitely sound prepared, but you shouldn't need SD formatter for a 32GB card. It should already come in FAT32 format so no re-formatting is necessary. Only 64GB cards need re-formatting (strictly speaking, SDXC cards need reformatting but all 64GB cards are SDXC and most 32GB (and under) cards are SDHC). Also, the recommended way to format is to use the Fiio itself - once it is on firmware sufficiently recent to support it.

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Originally Posted by mare View Post

Thank you____now it is the waiting for the darn thing to arrive__wish I paid for overnight shipping.


This is 2013 for another few weeks__why are we still using 20th Century tech, like Fat32? 

Billions are using Mac's__and can of course use Disk Permission to format,


Have read and reread the details of formatting, but after I place the SD card it?

Then open up the music folder and drop the mp3's?


Have read here that a number have placed their music in folders and choose which to listen to,

personally I like being surprised to a point, right now listening to the Cowon IAudio9+  ___not impressed.

It does not shuffle worth a darn. Using the headphone OUT with 3.5mm to the IN on Pico Slim Class A amp,

the buttons on most players are small, prefer the rotary knob for the volume control.


I'll raise my hand if in need of help:)), thank you again.




Well, Microsoft charge a significant amount of money to licence exFAT but FAT32 is free. There's not much wrong with FAT32 unless you want files bigger than 4GB (there are probably other limits but nothing I've hit on a music player - on a video player it's a different story). If you're on a Mac, it's easy to format to FAT32. I helped someone out with it earlier - see the posts linked below.


AFAICT, with the latest firmware, the folder structure can be pretty much anything you like. IIRC, the only limitation now is that the total path length must be less than 255 characters (this is the full path to the file including the names of the folders it's in, and the folders they are in, and...). If you have a lot of tracks the library function is very slow so I've chosen to lay out my folders to reflect how I use the player and only use the file browser to play stuff - i.e. not the library. If you're using FLACs on a 32GB card the library will probably work okay, but I have AAC on 64 GB which gives me something like 8,000 tracks which is too much for the X3's library function.


Formatting FAT32 on a Mac:



These are on the same thread and some the posts between may be useful too - but the second one has pictures!

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I should have mentioned that if you want to shuffle play ALL your tracks, then you pretty much have to use the library function - then you'll need to tag all your tracks, and you'd better not have too many of them (hopefully Fiio will be making the library faster in later firmwares). As I said above, you will probably be okay with lossless formats on a 32GB card since you can only fit on so many tracks.

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I would like to have Play All function in folder. What do I mean?
When do I enter Browse Folders>( then Internal or External Memory)> I would like to have Play All. So it can play all folder just like I upload them to my X3, one folder by one.
And ofcourse all my uploaded folders too.
That structure is in Sony NWZ-B152 player.
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