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I have a Fiio E10 DAC, a little over a year old, and I have some powered speakers connected to the line out in the back. Yesterday the quality of the sound suddenly got very bad, there was a lot of static, and I thought a speaker had blown. I plugged the 3.5mm jack into my phone, and played music, and it sounded fine. I also plugged it into the regular 3.5mm jack coming out of my computer case, and it sounded fine as well. I plugged it back into the Fiio E10 and the sound was bad again. I switched USB Ports and it fixed the issue, but today it happened again. Switching USB Ports again fixed the issue again, so Im not sure what's going on. I plugged it into a USB Port where the sound was bad previously, and they worked. Any idea what might be happening here? 



EDIT: I just noticed the rather large red text that says this is not the forum for DACs, lol. If a moderator could move this topic over to the Dedicated Source Components forum I would appreciate that, to prevent making multiple threads. 

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