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For Sale:

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Edit: SOLD


DIYmod 5G - $SOLD

- I done the mod about 2 years ago and it's been working flawlessly.  5G board, single core pure silver cables for the mod.  The mod is the well known, good old thing on Head-Fi - bypass the DAC output to points near the exit of the circuit, for a more pure line output signal.

- HDD is thrown out, Tarkan CF adaptor is used with a 32GB CF.

- Blackgate NX Hi-Q caps used, and these are kept inside the body, so you don't need to use LODs with caps.  I done this to use a low profile LOD.

- New faceplate and battery was used at the time, but the front has minor scratches, although none on the screen.  It always had a screen protector.  The back is a black housing from the U2 model (bought from ebay so I think it's not authentic, but it looks great).  The body was always in a silicon case, also included.

- One of Japan's highest grade solder (loved by audiophiles) is used for the mod - called "platinum gold nigecus".


It's basically a special mixture of NiGeCuSn that prevents cracking, degradation and maintains purity for much longer than regular solder.  By the time this solder used cracks, we all won't be living.


Result is a very good sounding line out.  And it's RockBox'd so you don't need to use iTunes.  Just drag and drop your music files.  Plays just about any file format.  You can use m3u lists created with Foobar, Winamp etc.  As far as UI for DAPs go, it doesn't get better than RockBox.


Headstage Arrow 2.1G - $SOLD

Bought about 2 years ago and together with the diymod it's been working flawlessly.  Cosmetically still looks near new. Still holds battery charge near 50hours, it lasts too long that I always forget when was the last time I charged it.  The 2.1G basically sounds the same as a 3G (which many prefer over the 4G).  It's just that the 2.1G still has the crossfade function taken away from the 3G onwards.  This function adjusts the directional effect from left and right channels.


Low profile LOD - $SOLD

Bought on ebay.  OFC cable, good quality.  Much more compact than chunky straight LODs.  Makes this rig fit easily in pocket.


Prices are for separate sales, but I will do everything together for $SOLD plus shipping.  I prefer selling together, because the diymod and Arrow has great synergy.

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If I was in the market I would bite! Kind of a cool package!
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Thanks :smile:

Yes indeed it's a cool bundle.

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