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For Sale: [FS] Bottlehead Crack with Speedball

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For Sale:
[FS] Bottlehead Crack with Speedball

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Well, I thought I would keep my HD650s for life. But I decided to try the HiFiMAN HE-500 and the 650s are getting retired, along with associated gear. This is one of the associated items.


I built this Bottlehead Crack recently, and it drove the HD650s better than anything I'd yet heard. Unfortunately, I liked it so much that I decided to build a bigger and more versatile Bottlehead product, the S.E.X. (not for sale, likely never for sale), for my HE-500s. The rest, as they say, is history - but potentially great news for you!


I built the kit stock, and I built it well. Included are pictures from the base kit, showing how incredibly clean this build is beneath the Speedball PCBs, and after applying the Speedball upgrade. Every lead was painstakingly wrapped around every terminal and crimped prior to soldering with Kester 44 (except for pass-throughs or through-hole components, obviously). This amp is built to last.


In fact, I built it so clean that desoldering/unwrapping components to install the Speedball was more of a chore than necessary. But I took no shortcuts; it just required a bit more patience and care. If it isn't already clear, I am proud of this build.


The amp performs to or above spec for every measurement. There were no problems with the build; I finished, checked, flipped it on, and it passed with flying colors both as stock and after the Speedball was installed. Thus, no components have been stressed outside their normal operating conditions. It's dead silent when connected. Note that unconnected (floating) inputs do result in a bit of noise, but when cables are hooked up you are hearing noise from your upstream components and nothing else. This is the only component I've ever used in which the difference between Pause and Stop on my USB DAC is obviously audible.


The base is assembled but not finished or stained. The new owner can finish this to match his or her decor/taste.


Bottlehead's price on this is $279 for the Crack and $125 for the Speedball, without taking into account things like labor, a Hakko soldering station, a Fluke DMM, Kester 44 solder, etc. For reference, Bottlehead's official build service for this amp would run $340 on top of the already near-$400 cost. You're unlikely to find many builds of this caliber outside their official tech.


I will excessively package the amp for shipping. The cheapest shipping will be had in the USA, but I have shipped overseas before. We'll have to talk about options and shipping costs if you aren't in the USA. If you happen to be near SE Minnesota, we could probably work out a zero-shipping option.


The buyer will also receive the CD with the manuals for both the Crack and the Speedball as well as the stock NOS tubes, which test and sound great.


Instead of $744 (base kit price + Bottlehead official tech build) I'm asking $sold after shipping/applicable PayPal fees. I am taking a significant loss on this, due to the cost of the associated things needed to make this build possible.


Thanks for reading!


(Note HD650s pictured are not included, but if interested they could make one heck of a package deal)

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For Sale: $850 (USD)
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Good morning,

I offer 400 usd to Paypal verified address with (us $ 275 for amplififier Crack and 125 us $ to SpeedBall is the price of parts: if I'm not wrong), I fully paid the shipping with tracking number) "Priority Air mail "shipping to Brazil, state and city of Rio de Janeiro 22210-050 ZIP =" I ask for a lower value in posting ... "I have Ebay (usa) 100% positive, excellent testimonials, if you want to make the sale.

a) What is the exact operating voltage?
b) The amp is dead silent as the project of manufacturing?
c) Do you have some documentation Bottlehead Store with date of sale invoice?
d) Has the CD assembly manual to send?
I think it is information that interesseriam all?

Thank you.

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