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For Sale:
Wyred 4 Sound DAC-1. Awesome DAC in great condition. Low price for quick sale!

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Hi. I'm selling my desktop system in favour of a portable rig, so here is my trusty W4S DAC-1. It's about 2years old and in very good condition. A few surface marks on the black rubbery parts, but that's all.


The Wyred4Sound DAC-1 has been regularly described as the best sub-£1k DAC on the market, and this one sounds like a thousand pounds! So at this price it is a real bargain!


I'm adding this edit and knocking £100 (yep - I'm desperate!) off the price because I've got a new flat lined up, the move-in date looming, but it's unfurnished and I have no furniture! This DAC-1 is cosmetically 8-9 / 10, it works perfectly, and it sounds awesome! Please somebody buy it - you will be glad you did! Sorry for the lack of a photo, but read my Feedback - this will be the best value Christmas present!


(My iBasso D10 DAC / amp has all the digital inputs I need for the moment)


I will pay PayPal fees and you pay postage. I will consider all offers but preferably from the UK / EU.


Thanks for your interest

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