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getting back into iem's for around $100

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I know theres a million threads about people asking what iem to get especially for around 100. I've done my research and as with many audio enthusiast its hard to make a decision based on reviews/ impressions alone. 

I haven't kept up with iem's for about 2 years and as I grow older i need iem's for portable use. I am looking for around the ear iem's because normal fit earphones never work with my ear, so comfort is pretty high on my list.  I have nailed it down to either westone 1, or audeo pfe 022 since people rave about comfort and sound quality on those. I would like a mic but a controller isnt necesarry. 

As far as sound signature, I am a bit of a basshead, but honestly i do not need a bunch of bass as I have learned to love a flat response. I would like a WARM sound signature that has a big soundstage. My current headphones are ultrasone 580 and i love them so maybe that will help with showing what sound sig i'm into
I listen mostly to edm, big room house, minimal, deep, trance. But also a lot of hip hop, alternative stuff like radiohead, and rhcp.

In order of my preference Comfort comes first, sound quality second as these will mostly be on the go. 
One last thing is about is about  aesthetic. Im not looking for "fashion" phones but I defenitely don't want ugly, generic earphones. This isn't high on the list but is recommended.

Sorry about making ANOTHER thread but I appreciate your guys' opinion :)

edit: also if you guys still recommend the audeo pfe, im probably going to buy the black filters and some complys later on if that effects your guys recommendations also.

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I don't think your description of your sound preference makes sense...


You love a flat response but also are a slight basshead and you love a warm sound signature?

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thinksound TS02 ($80), with mic its $90




I have the Rains and I love them but many many people love the TS02. No need for tips and they look great but not flashy.

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Are rains a cheaper version of the TS02? Im a sucker for wooden audio pieces, especially iem's. But I do feel like having an around the ear (or over ear iem, idk what to call it) is necessary for me. Out of numerous iem's ive had, none have ever stayed in my ear, and i think that due to my weird ear shape. 
I will admit they are beautiful.

As for sound sig, i guess im trying to say either or doesn't matter. I am a basshead, but i do not want overpowering bass. Of course more of a audiophile bass. I just dont want people recommending insane bass phones as I listen to many genres and sometimes I just get tired of moar bass lol. 

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Per thinksound description on Amazon:

Rain - 

Sound signature

Smooth bass, accurate midrange, and clear highs for a well-balanced sound.

TS02 -

Sound Signature

Delivering deep, precise bass, a warm midrange, and clear highs. The comfort and sound signature of the ts02 makes it a great headphone for extended listening.

Rains have a 9mm driver, TS02 8mm and the TS01 (which is meant for bass) is 10mm...like I said I love the Rain's, the bass is definitely there, no lacking at all. Just like it says, its smooth. I listen to everything on them from Rap to Dubstep to Rock/Metal to Jazz to Oldies to Country, nothing sounds bad on them honestly.

User review on Amazon about the TS02, comparable to the Rain:

I also own the Thinksound Rains and have had them for over a year now, and they've been my go to headset for quality. I was itching to try the newer model from the company, the ts-02 (minus the micophone) since it came out. When the opportunity arose, I bought a pair and am pleased with what I hear.


What I hear: If you're a vocal music lover, this is the headphone for you, as they are designed for warm midrange sounds. Opera, Broadway musicals, Katie Melua all sound amazing. Additionally these work great for string instruments, plucked or played with a bow. What this headset cannot do is satisfy bassheads--a small 8mm driver just isn't going to do the job. The bass is there but its hardly overpowering. So for those looking for bass, you might just have to try the ts-01 (formerly Thunder).


Compared to Thinksound Rain: the Rains are one of the original models that came out from the company, and were designed with classical music and accuracy in mind. When I reviewed them, I said they work great for classical and movie soundtrack music--like they were designed to. When I compare the Rains to the ts-02, I find that the ts-02 have a definite treble boost compared to the Rain. Its not jarring, but there. The ts-02 is definitely brighter than the Rains, which works better on a wider genre of music. This was exactly the purpose of the ts-02 and the company has once again made a very nice IEM for the environmentally conscious consumer.


Maybe you could wrap it over your ear? LOL I like promoting thinksound just b/c of how much I love them, like I said I can listen to anything on them. I thought the Klipsch S4 were amazing, then I found these and the Klipsch just don't sound right (as many would agree with in general lol)

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