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For Sale: HE-400 in excellent condition

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For Sale:
HE-400 in excellent condition

Will Ship To: CONUS

I never thought I would say this, but I'm selling my HE-400. I have recently picked up the HE-4 and I prefer the sound over the HE-400, so these gotta go! I purchased these new straight from Head-Direct in May of this year, so these are the latest revision. These were my babies for a long time, so they are in great condition. I'm including my personal attempt at the jergpad mod. These pads have the hole mod (as shown) as well as the trimmed flap (see the jergpad thread if you have any questions). They may not be as pretty as modulor's pads, but they get the job done! I personally preferred these pads to the velours.


Price comes with:



-Original box

-Stock velour pads


-Stock cable

-Shipping to Con US and Paypal fees


I may be interested in trades for Bifrost, D2000, or HD650 +/- cash. If you have other trade offers, feel free to send me a PM.

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I'll take them.  Please send me your paypal info.  


I just picked up a Woo Audio WA6 and these should work well with the amp.  I bought the amp from a forum member on Head fi.  I'm only allowed 2 Pm's per day and I'm there.  My email address is jbbikerider@usa.net



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Since no reply I'm moving on for something different.  





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You can send a PM today. I don't like the idea of taking this to personal email.

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