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$400 to burn- B&W P7 or the PSB M4U 2'S?

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I looked at the ATH-M50's... great headphones.  If I upped my budget a bit, it seems like these two come up.


I primarily need headphones for a little more bass friendly music (country, hip hop, dance, etc) and to work out in.  I thought about getting the ATH-M50's or possibly a decent pair of ear buds.


Any recs at $400 +/- $50??

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I own a pair of M50's, as well as a pair of B&W P5's. (And a lot more IEM's and Ciem's) Today I went to listen to the P7's and I also listened to the M4U 2's. I was surprised at how unimpressed I was with the P7's as I love my P5's and my C5's too. I didn't care for the fit or the sound of the P7's. I found it lackluster at best.  I quite enjoyed the PSB's though. Very comfy, very nice sound with good isolation. Then I tried some Sennheiser 700 something or other and didn't care for them. The Sennheiser 650 was my favorite of the day, narrowly edging out the PSB's. I don't listen to my M50's much, they are uninspiring. I was surprised to read a comparison here that strongly favored the P7's. I may have to try another pair.


My source was a Fiio X3 playing all FLAC music. I was worried about the sound until I tried the PSB's and the 650's. Yikes.

(I bought nothing today, Hooray! Hooray!)

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Thanks for the post and congrats on the "net" gain for the day!


The SH 650's seem to be a favorite after reading some other posts.  I have not tried the P7's yet, but you would think it was the messiah based on some reports.


I am not sure sweat resistant was in their description, so may not be kosher for workouts.

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You are most welcome. I am huge into Bowers & Wilkins and I thought i'd be an easy pushover for the P7. I wanted to want them. So I am sad and somewhat relieved that they didn't do it for me. As for workouts, Shure SE535's are my choice. MMMMM. (I can't imagine wearing cans while working out, bah)

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The Shure's were also an option, although the posts that were made on another thread said its only worth it if you bump up to the 1200 pair (SE846?).  What do you think?

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I really really really love my SE535's and I am doing everything in my power to avoid trying the SE846. I just spent $650 on some CIEM's that I am not all together knocked out with. I hate the idea that the SE846 might have been a better purchase. Bah.

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I went and listened to the headphones again today. The P7's sounded better today than last week. The P5's still sounded better to me. The Leather Momentum's  sounded pretty swell. And the PSB's still sounded good. If I had to pick it would be the 650's though. Yummy.

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If you like bass, also consider the V-Moda M-100. The Momentum is a more balanced option. And I would have to disagree with aangen on the P5 and P7. I was not impressed with the P5 at all - too dark, no treble, no deep bass, no soundstage. The P7 on the other hand have a huge soundstage (for a closed portable), less bass bloat, a lot more treble, and just better balanced overall.

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