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XPERIA Z1 or Nexus 5 or any other high end android phone for good audio output

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Hey guys!
Im looking to buy a high end android phone soon, to replace my HTC Sensation and my triple.fis sound horrid through the Sensation. I'm looking at the Xperia Z1 for alot of its other features, but I'm wondering whether it would do justice to my triple.fi 10s and whether if I root it and run Wolfston will it be better sounding.
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I'm not sure rooting will do anything for the SQ. Go with the Z1, and use noozy (classic), for your player. You won't be disappointed.
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Thanks for the reply man! Anyone else?
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I'll put a vote in for the Nexus 5, in part due to fanboyism with Google's "hands-on" line of Nexus phones.

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HTC One Max. No beats nonsense. Very clean and powerful HO. It drove my re0 very well. I thinks it's the best sounding phone in the market!!
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I love my Nexus 5!

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With the HTC one max, I think they should have put the Qualcomm 800 in there. 3gb of ram wouldn't hurt either. I just think people expect more from a phone if it's so big.
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For having put a fast test between the XPeria Z1 against my iPhone 5 and a Samsung Galaxy Note 3, you should go with the XPeria Z1. I did found the Z1 to have, witht the same song, unamped, the more lively music out of the three, and trust me, my iPhone 5 is a clear DAP sound wise. 


I'm stuck between it and the LG G2, need to put it at test too.

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Even if the z1 sounds better my vote will be for nexus 5. I got a 4 for myself and I'm buying a 5 for my mom because she wants to show off a bit. The price and specs makes a good choice for those not caring about a contract.
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Thanks guys!! I think I'm either gonna go with Z1 or Nexus 5.
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Originally Posted by techmonstr View Post

Thanks guys!! I think I'm either gonna go with Z1 or Nexus 5.


You're welcome! Don't hesitate and go searching through xda forums while you're choosing, you might find interesting clues there too. 

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Thanks man!
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This is probably a personal thing, but I don't find the Nexus 5 goes well with "warm" earphones.

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I'm very impressed with my LG G2. Here's a small blurb I had written on another forum




Small blurb on the audio quality and capabilities of the LG G2:
LG's recent focus on premium audio took another step with the LG G2 which has a rewritten music stack(supported by a very good DAC) capable of outputting 24/192k audio.
LG has gone for a very no-drama uncoloured sterile sound. This is good for the mid-bass happy QB2, and maintains their overall focus on clarity ala the excellent treble. I can't say it's better than the Galaxy S3 or S(with voodoo) or the HTC One or the Note 3 or the IP5S. It doesn't stand out like the Galaxy S(voodoo) did. (Special mention for the Note 3 which sounds excellent). 
How does the USB-out to an amp perform(and does it)? Don't know. Don't have an amp. Output impedance? Don't know. Haven't seen any data specifying this.
The speaker quality is good(Doesn't go very high though). Not much action at the lower end but it conveys clarity well without being too shrill(another sign of the pursuit of clarity in the G2)
The stock player app is underwhelming. I expected LG to design a player that was at least a few steps above the competition(considering their recent audiophilia).
Anyway, I replaced it withing minutes (with PowerAmp).
>To the big question: Can it replace my clip zip as my daily source of audio?
1. The G2 shares a sig which is similar(uncoloured, slightly cold) to the clip zip.
2. The EQ responds well on the G2 and doesn't cause a significant drain on the battery. It's easier to access and easy to use(owing to touch controls). I actually found myself adjusting the EQ on-the-fly for different tracks.
3. The G2 can play my 24/96 files. Rockbox downsamples high res music. Do I notice a difference anyway(compared to 320kbps)? Maybe a slight improvement in soundstage and imaging. Nothing else. I guess it's meant for more capable audio equipment.
1. No extendable storage. No extendable storage. No extendable storage.
2. The clip is handy. Handier.
3. It is a little too sterile and cold for my liking. Which means it isn't the best option with my already sterile sounding RE400. Also the QB2 treble can get frown-worthy at times(didn't happen with the clip).
Bottom line: Yes and No. I won't regret forgetting my clip at all. But it will not be my go-to device either.
PS: >I don't know if it performs better than the clip zip with power hungry equipment, as I don't have anything that challenges the clip
>The QB2 is still burning in(with some Daft punk :borg:). I haven't listened to it since my early impressions. The annoying fit discourages me. I'll get to it in a day or two. I really hope that mid-bass fits in.
>The G2 is a stellar device(overall). I am absolutely amazed at everything it can do and how it does it. Oh, its elegant and beautiful too. :happy:
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