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For Sale:
Yulong A18/D18 combo

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Hi guys,


So currently I'm in a bit of a bind with regards to payment of college tuition and would like to see if I can get some funds up by selling my audio gear. Everything is well taken care of and is in impeccable condition. The DAC/Amp combo is less than 6 months old and so are the headphones. I also have a custom 5-foot 4-pin balanced copper cable and a balanced monster cable from Brian at BTG audio which I can throw into the mix. Everything comes in their original boxes.


The HD800s had a minor paint chip on them, which I fixed with oil paint and now it's hardly discernable, unless viewed under scrutiny. The A18/D18 combo is mint.


I also have a pair of monster balanced cables for the amp/dac combo which i'll throw in free of charge.


Separately, I'm thinking $650 for the A18 and $450 for the D18. SOLD.


Thanks for your consideration!


Edit: the HD800s are sold.


Edit 2: Price drop 2


Edit 3: The D18 is sold.

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