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[GUIDE] The perfect newbie audiophile guide into Sound Science  

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Hello sir.
So you're taking in count your wallet? That's ok, but you shall consider one crucial problem:

You cannot have all the detail, the max powerful bass and the soundstage in under 30$ products' range.

Because of Sound Science (SS further).

Sound literally is:
1. Certain range of frequencies (between ultra-sound and the other, I forgot it's name) 20-16 kHz that you CAN hear. Forget the marketing.
2. If you wish to get a neutral cheap headphone, be ready it will not satisfy your bass needs. Warning: SS (Click to show)
The key point is that bass is the opposite to treble. If you "front-place" the bass, you lose the treble frequency range because they will be "dimmed" by bass.
3. If you wish to get a neutral, but not boring cheap headphone, pay attention to soundstage frequencies. Warning: SS (Click to show)
Trance & house music are based on that, they're "ambience" is brilliant. Those frequencies are around 175-1000 kHz IMHO
4. Limit yourself to a genre. Everyone who tries to listen many genres on the same product get butthurted because they lack either the sound stage or bass/treble.

GENRES BREAKDOWN [shall be polished]:
1. Trance&House:
Soundstage frequencies 175-1 kHz.
2. Rock/Classic:
Really everything in the 1-16 kHz. We have a special table that allows you to see which are the certain frequencies for certain instruments.
3. Trap/chillout_Dubstep:
These genres are bassy up to me. Bass lies in the 20-500(400?) Hz range.
4. Dubstep/Classic: And here is the problem. These genres can really have ALL the frequencies in the same very song.
If you are THAT into music, I'm asking you to think about 5.1 FLAC also. That "genre" is future of music IMHO because of 3D sound-positioning possibility in music! Warning: SS (Click to show)
Stereo has literally 2 sound sources. You can combine them however you can, but the frequencies "front-placed" will be always in the front. Using physics term, you have a 2D sound ambience which is placed in the same "plane" with your ears. You cannot hear what whether something is ABOVE or BELOW you using a stereo headphone - fact. 5.1 is not the perfect solution for audiophiles, the perfect solution is IMHO (uncertain) a 6-driver system, in which each earpads 3 drivers are: subwoofer and 2 "treble" drivers, placed angled to each-other ("vertically angled"). I hope my language was enough to reveal that the perfect solution would be an OMG 8-driver system with 2 dedicated treble-drivers and 2 up-to-640(320?) Hz subwoofers (i might be mistaken) angled vertically in pairs, no horizontal "angle". To be clear, these should have wide-rectangle shaped earpads, lol.
From nowadays market, Roccat Kave 5.1 is best in terms of audiophiles AFAIK.

If you limit yourself to stereo, here is the point:
The cheapest is the oldest. As always. New=costly, speaking the simple way. Warning: SS (Click to show)
SS did develop the perfect neutral stereo headphone long ago. That "perfect" simply gets some improvements:
Bass "tightness" is done via armature drivers because of the fact those are NOT dynamic. They do not vibrate, to be clear.
A new, NOT certainly improving technology.
We have brands that have reached perfect neutral sound a damn of a while ago.
I am too humble to speak about brands w/o exp.

There are some sources that reveal how a perfect frequency response is (for the human ear).
Deviations of frequency response may be considered in two ways:
1. dB deviation (not so loud, not "front-placed"), these are based on the impedance uniformity of the driver's frequency response, perfect is +-0,00 Ohm impedance deviation.
2. Frequencies get messy.
Now 2 is really NOT what an audiophile is looking for and also, you need 1 only if you're looking for "genre versality".
So, decide either you LUV TEH BASS or simply want a decent neutral headphone.
Neutral headphones are a ******* lot, really. I'm really looking forward in recommending some low-end neutral headphones, but I simply have no time AND I REALLY have no equipment, yes, such equipment must be bought and it is expensive.

What I really can recommend is:
My list of brands:
Avlex/Superlux, AKG, Audio-Technica, Philips, KOSS, Sony, AUDIO-TECHNICA, Hifiman, Etymotic, BEYERDYNAMIC, FOSTER.

I've found out Superlux are just like Nokia. The find "Blackberries" and do a decent Nokias (C3-00) of 'em. They have Beyers, Sennheisers, but also I suppose Superlux have their own engineer crew. That's important.
I dislike AKG and KOSS because they "tease". You get a terrible product, usually, if you pay less than they want you to.

I'm looking forward to make a list of recommendations. Here is what I've got:

1. Philips EM-2126 for the basshead and literally any budgetary.
You see that yellow impedance line? That means these can be easily customized using an amplifier.
A friend of mine got 'em. They're brilliant after an AMP. It's like someone BEATS YOUR EARS OUT using pillows biggrin.gif

I suppose Philips may be fully trusted as engineers. Just like Beyers, A-T, Hifiman and Fosters (Sony?).
I'm also afraid that product is not produced anymore.

2. AKG Q350 for the IEM guy.
Decent in-ears. No-more, no-less for the money. IDK about the build, but they are really neutral with a very_slightly recessed bass.
To be clear, it's a new product. It is a rip-off. and here is the "hidden downside" which all the manufacturers are trying to hide.
You see spikes in the tables? That's bad. Just bad. You may not be able to understand, but the SS behind is that the HUGE SPIKE is the
headphone's resonance. To avoid resonance, we have the new technology - armature (IMHO).
In that perspective. Get some IEMS. Cheap&Balanced IEM(KEYWORD IS MONITOR, which means perfectly neutral)-s are (IMHO):

3. GE07BE (or whatever it's called, i remember the 7 number and the words bass edition)
The standart is simply neutral i suppose, i shall inspect them at headphone.com, not now.
4. VSONIC VC1000.
Argueable, but cheaper than the above. Hard to be got, I recommend lendmeurears or amazon.

BEGINNER, look for the lowest prices. Check if the service is ok. Service is important, because you MAY GET a warranty issue. You do not wish your money to be wasted because of no warranty and/or a jerk seller.

You can't get both with a tight wallet. Be awarned, you may also get bad build/comfort/accessories/isolation.

The conclusion is:
Pay attention to the facts above when choosing your cheap product. When you will wish something "universal".
Either I will get equipment and/or money to buy 'em or I'm kindly "directing" you to russian community. Those guys know what sound science is and how to analise products to save money.


I allow you to use ONLY counter-arguements and higher "disagree"
Relevant thread: The perfect stereo headphone.

The proofs' sources: (Click to show)
1. www.doctorhead.ru/advice/75475/ [RU]
2. www.head-fi.org/content/type/61/id/974138/
3. www.personalaudio.ru/raa/otchety/naushniki/philips-em-2126/ [RU]
4. www.headphone.com
5. Science equals wikipedia. The octave system and the frequencies tied to the octaves.
6. Parent thread is MYTHBUSTING.

Translation: The barrier (Click to show)
I can only give you indications ATM:
Big drum
small drums
Kong _ (don't look for translation, these are some asian instruments)
French horn
Trombone and it's bass (2 lines)
Saxofone Tenor
Alto saxofone
Bass guitar
Violin (up to 1.4 kHz, for heavy-rockers & pitch dubstep guys)

The below part (the untranslated) is "decriptions for the frequencies", meaning not the instrument, but the subjective association.
Hope you'll appreciate this. I'm out for today, going to rest in peace gaming biggrin.gif

Updating the thread frequently, subscribe if you wish.
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Could not find neither the Grado GR07BE nor the Vsonic VC1000 on the headphone.com list.
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