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For Sale: Resonessence Labs Invicta DAC

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For Sale:
Resonessence Labs Invicta DAC

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Looking to sell my Resonessence Labs Invicta (1st generation) in excellent condition, approximately 80 hours in use.   Amazing sounding all-in-one unit with an excellent built-in headphone amp. Comes with original packaging, unused usb cable, unused power cable, unused hdmi cable, instruction manual, remote and 4gb sdcard with sample music. Price does not include shipping + paypal fees. Front photo may show some dust specks. The unit is pristine. 

I have Software Update 4.1 installed and have not upgraded to the 5.0.0

From Resonessence Lab's website here are the differences between the original verson (4000.00) and the new Invicta (5000.00)

*The second generation INVICTA and INVICTA Mirus are optimized for 384kS/s. They differ from the first generation in that the USB underflow/overflow indicators are removed and we have added additional LEDs to show 352.8kS/S and 384kS/s.

*A major upgrade to the INVICTA is also implemented in these second generation machines: the headphone module replaces the ES9016 with the higher performance ES9018.

The good news is that we can provide a software update for all existing generations of INVICTA that also provides these higher sample rates, so if you own an INVICTA you can get both DSD(64 and 128), DXD and higher samples rates in those machines. (EARLIER GENERATION INVICTA WITH THE FIRMWARE UPDATE ARE ONLY MISSING THE HIGH SAMPLING RATE INDICATORS).

Available Now (May 2013): 
Downloading and Installing 
Release 5.0.0 adds the following features: 
1. Support for 384kS/S – a doubling of the maximum data rate 
2. DSD128 support for the SD Card and USB (in addition to DSD64) 
3. Support for the Apple Remote Control on INVICTA and MIRUS 
Next release (coming soon) will support Asian characters – we are testing now 
 Already available in 4.2.0 and now incorporated into 5.0.0: 
1. Differential headphone output 
2. DSF and DFF files via SD Card and DoP via USB. File formats now supported on the SD Card are AIFF, WAV, FLAC, DSF and DFF. 
3. Five Additional Digital Filter Options – 
read more about the new filters. 
1. Minimum Phase IIR 
2. Minimum Phase Slow Roll-off 
3. Linear Phase Apodizing 
4. Linear Phase Fast Roll-off 
5. Linear Phase Slow Roll-off 
4. You may now choose to Disable XLR and RCA 
outputs when using headphones. 
5. You may now choose to enable Headphone outputs 
on power up or not, as required. 
6. You may now choose to Enable or Disable the 
HDMI on-screen display.


Read more at http://app.audiogon.com/listings/da-converters-resonessence-labs-invicta-dac-2013-11-10-digital-80247-denver-co#B134ShB1OoLzaV0G.99

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