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Japan exclusive products

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Hi, I'm a new head-fi user who just started loving good audio and IEMs. I used to be a fan of a red B type brand which is behind me now. What started me in interest of good audio products is the purchase of monster turbines last august which I still use and love. I also got some XBA-1ip which I love as well. I carry those two IEMs everywhere I go because they are really awesome.

Now that I'm done with high school and Just started college, I plan to travel at the other side of the world,in japan. And because I am a sony fanboy and like their audio products, I want to step my game up with audiophile IEMs. I plan to purchase some XB90EX because I like to listen bass heavy music sometimes but that's not the main purchase I plan do. I want to buy those new sony xba h3 which seems to be awesome since I really liked previous balanced armature models. If you audiophiles know other affordable audio products (300-400 max) exclusive in Japan to be Mainly used for portable audio (listening on my iphone). II would like to see what suggestions you have for me to buy in japan and If you know cool audio store in tokyo, let me know in this thread!
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Go with Final Audio Design Heaven VI - magical sound

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"e-earphone" in Akihabara and "fujiya-avic" in Nakano are highly recommend stores to visit. "Yodobashi camera" in Akihabara also have large collection of earphone and other accessories for you to choose. Just google those name and you will find their website but they are all in japanese.


For the earphone, Ocharaku is probably japan exclusive market. They are all sound great. Lower model should fit in your budget. Another brand that I would recommend is Fitear F111. It's slightly over your budget but it sound great. You can search this forum for further information about those earphone. 

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how much are these?

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perfect I want to stay in akihabara! do they have mosts of sony portable audio products?

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Here is Ocharaku website. You will find the price their.


For fitear, F111 cost around 42800 yen (~430 USD). If you willing to spend more, there are higher models Fitear Parterre for 84800 yen (~850 USD) and Fitear TG334 for 99800 yen (~1000 USD) too.

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