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For Sale:
Kindle Keyboard 3g + Lighted Case and NO Special Offers

Will Ship To: USA

I found my old kindle keyboard with 3g lying around my house.
It's white and has free global 3g in addition to WiFi and comes in an Amazon OEM brown case with built in light (the light is powered from the Kindle's Battery). This Kindle does NOT display "Special Offers".
It's in good condition with no scratches on the body or screen (It's had a screen protector since day one) and the battery holds a charge well.
Does NOT come with charger/usb cable (but uses micro-USB similar to most non-iOS smart phones).
Price includes shipping and paypal fees to anywhere in the USA.

I also have a graphite kindle similar specs with a black lighted case. The battery on this one does not hold a charge nearly as well so will be sold for $70 including shipping+paypal fees.

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