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Have been trying to revive a long unused DCP-150 that had been in use many years purely from the powr supply. I had disbanded the batteries maybe a decade ago.


When checking how it works, it seems to be working fine after you connect the power supply, but once you stop a CD and try to retstart or change it, it tries to spin up and fails, repeat, fail... clicky di clack and gives up after a while. If i remove the power supply and let it rest for a minute, it will work fine afterwards again for the first CD. It also sometimes works fine with power connected but nothing playing - eg: wait a few minutes.


So i wonder if somebody knows this effect and how to get it fixed.


Are there shops folks would recommend to send in a DCP-150 to get it repaired ? How much would it cost ?


What could this be - i was running the DCP-150 from my lab powr supply and saw that it was trying to suck in in excess of 400 mAh, during starting up of a CD, so my guess is that maybe 400 mAh is the limit of the internal power regulator and some electrolyte capacitor has gone bad so that it can't peak beyond the 400 mAh, but that theory does not explain to me why it works after power off/on. And this is just recent. When i last used it maybe 6 years back, i am sure this problem did not exist.