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Hi Guys,


I've been out of the game for a while now, so I'm not even sure what's good and what's new anymore.  I've sold or gave away most of what I had before and only kept my favorite, my FA Eternas.  I also have a pair of Hippo VBs that I misplaced before when I was liquidating and just recently showed up again.


Anyways I just moved into a new corner cubicle at work.  It's nice and quiet back here, gets too quiet and a bit boring though sometimes so I wanna add some energy and listen to some music.


I tried some cheapo earbuds and they were horrible.  I don't want to take my Eternas at work, so right now I'm using the VBs.  I'm looking for something else though, so I figured I'd go back in the game one more time to get me a good setup for work.



Here are the criteria I'm looking for from most important to least:

- Light and easily portable.  Should be comfortable, something I could wear for about 2 hours straight.  Nothing to huge either

- Not closed and doesn't isolate too much.  I don't want to hear the chatter from the guys on the next cubicle, but I do want/need to hear if my office phone is ringing

- Musical, not too analytical.  I listen to Hip-Hop and R&B so something warm and bassy would be nice

- Something I can run without an amp.  My source right now is my HTC One, but I'm looking into getting a USB amp/dac and run this off of my work laptop

- Affordable, something I wouldn't feel bad about of the cleaning lady stole it.  I'm thinking $75 max but can stretch it more if the SQ is really worth it



Any suggestions would be great.  If there's any other info I could provide please let me know as well.







Bonus question:  Anyone can recommend something I could use to alert me when my office phone (landline) is ringing and I have my music on?  It'll have to be something visual, not like those extra loud ringers since I don't want to annoy the people around me.  Something like the one in this link.

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