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New IEMs from Shure SE315 ~ $300

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Hi, I have the Buy New IEMS itch... 

I have a pair of Shure SE315s and a Westone UM1s. I like them both but I crave something with a bit more bass.  While bass is important to me I have noticed that the 315s are extremely clear sounding and I would like to keep it that way while still gaining some bass. 


I have this belief that multi driver IEMs is the ticket here but I can probably be talked out of that. I was looking at a pair of Westone 4rs on ebay and was talking to the seller and ultimately he recommended that I shouldn't buy them given the price tag and try something else. I usually listen to deep house, electronic, and edm music. I use a Sansa Clip + that has been rockboxed and I know im getting a Fiio e6 for Christmas. I usually listen to my music with the V shaped EQ. Usually a slight boost to the highs and I find myself applying a substantial boost to the lows on my 315s and UM1s


I like the transparent headphones simply because I like admiring the technology inside... Also the shures have excellent build quality as compared to my UM1s. 


I have looked at the Westone 4r , Westone UM3X and Westone 3.   I would consider other brands but I dont know where to start. 


Should I bother upgrading? If so what are your suggestions? 

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Just realized this is the wrong board. Sorry about that. 

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Said seller passing by... check out the discovery thread and joker's multi-IEM review thread. 

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I knew youd see that after I got your response :) Yeah I was just looking at those. Thanks again :)

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w4r are good se535 if you want to still want to stay with shure

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Westone 3 is only $239 at SonicElectronix (From my knowledge it has more bass than 4r)
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Originally Posted by tehsprayer View Post

True but no removeable cable.

Tf10 iems are excellent iems for the price if you look around.
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I'd pick up the W3. My UM Pro30s could be an option too but they're not V shaped.
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Ill look more into the westone 3's


Any opinions on something like the new Hybrid Sony XBA-H3 or H2. I would probably go with the H2 because of cost. 

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Im conflicted! Im torn between the Westone UM3x and the Westone 3's.   Apparently the um3x are more neutral but the westone 3 are more 'fun' and better for dance music as some people claim.


Meanwhile in the back of my mind im still thinking of the new sony xba h2 and h3. Im into the H2 because I feel like it has less a chance of sibilance - which is incredibly distracting for me. My shures suffer from this at times. 


So guys. Between the Westones which do you think is best for me? 


Or should I hold out for a little and get the funds to get the sexy sony hybrids? 

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If you are sensitive to sibilance then I would not get the W3. I never had sibilance issues with them but many people have. Take a look at my listing for the UM Pro 30's. They're the new version of the UM3X. Same sound, just a new housing and cable (removable).

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I can only pay vai paypal. But thanks for the advice anyway :) I think ill get the UM3x and use until im board then resell them and eventually explore the ever so quickly hybrid driver headphone market. 


I also like the transparent style of the UM3x  :) But im also confident in the sound and bass control. I use to blast bass in my car (15inch 1kW sub) and eventually as I ventured into the world of audiophilia I became way less tolerant of the bloat bass and spent a lot of time tuning it.  Not that I expect anything like that from any westones. Im just rambling. 

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