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For Sale:
Black SPL Phonitor with all the silver-finish fittings too - 2 amps in 1.. Black has some shallow scratch marks

Will Ship To: Anywhere

The SPL Phonitor is part of my desktop rig (including Wyred 4 Sound DAC-1 which I will list separately) and was originally fitted with the silver finish. The original owner (I am the second) decided to get it professionally changed to the black finish, keeping all the silver components as new in a sealed box - and keeping his warranty, although that has now expired. The full set of silver finish components will come with the amp, so it really is like having 2 amps in 1. However I would advise getting the work done professionally if you wanted to return it to its original spotless silver finish.


The amp works perfectly and the only reason I'm selling is because I have been "moving house" for months and it will take still more time. In the mean time I need an equivalent quality portable rig which plays up to 24bit 192kHz WAV files. Also, I simply don't have the space for a full desktop system anymore. If anyone is reading this and thinking of selling their CEntrance HiFi M8 LX 4XL and / or Astell&Kern AK120 / RWAK120, please get in touch to arrange a trade!


I'm sorry I can't provide photo's right now but I'll post some as soon as I can.


I will probably regret parting with this (and my W4S DAC-1) but I can't use them currently so I would rather they went to a good home(s)!


 As it says above, I will accept offers, but please keep them reasonable. I will pay PayPal fees, you pay postage.



Thank you for your interest.


Edit: I will consider all offers but preference will be given to UK residents, or EU.

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